August 04, 2021
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Birthday Parties

Want to celebrate your next birthday with hundreds of wrestling fans? Victory Pro Wrestling can help!

At Victory Pro Wrestling, we want to make your party one of the best birthday experiences you will ever have!

Here is what you will get when you celebrate your special day with Victory Pro Wrestling:

  • As the birthday guest, you get to be a special guest manager and walk out with your favorite Victory Pro Wrestling star!
  • Special back-stage meets of the Victory Pro Wrestling roster!
  • Your favorite Victory Pro Wrestling star will come out and sing “Happy Birthday” to you!
  • After the show, you and your party get in the ring for a group picture!

If you prefer a more private affair, we can bring the party to you. That’s right, you can have a Victory Pro Wrestling party at your house!

If you’re ready to make your next birthday a smash, fill out the form below and we’ll put something together for you!

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    We will reach out to you with a quote and to discuss what we offer.