Xander Page w/ Jay Delta d. El Sandwich
Pre-match, Eclipse spoke about how they got screwed by VPW yet again by being excluded from the tag team battle royal later in the night. Jay Delta said that he’s still entering himself in the battle royal and that he’s going to find anybody in the back to prove how great he is. Since it was a time to celebrate Halloween, Jay Delta came out dressed as a hotdog and Xander Page came out as Coach Greg. “Coach Greg” chased the hot dog around ringside. This angered Coach Greg who then came out and said that since they liked dressing as food so much, he found an opponent forXander Page, El Sandwich.

Minyon d. Richie Tyler w/ Dani DT & Tina
Post-match, The Main Men came out and beat on a weakened Richie. They then harassed Dani DT and Tina. The Main Men said that they are bringing Traci Brooks with them on 11/14 in Centereach, so if Richie and Dani find a partner, they’ll have a 6-man tag.

“Ultra Sexy” Joe So Delicious d. Sabotage w/ “The Answer” Pete Simmons
Delicious hit the Spice Rack on Sabotage, but Pete Simmons broke up the pin with multiple steel chair shots, getting Sabotage disqualified, but taking care of their former associate.

Romeo Roselli d. “The Miracle” Javi-Air

The Jerry Fitzwater Show
Fitzwater came out singing his rendition of Monster Mash. He then called out the Zombie to assist him. They both gave out candy to the fans. Fitzwater then used the Zombie to explain Halloween do’s and don’ts.

He then explained the rules for the Hangman’s Curse main event.  Mack Daddy Flexx’s VPW Championship was locked in a chest. There would be four participants in the match and each person would randomly have a key. Only one key would open the chest. The winner would be the VPW Champion.

All four participants would be chained together by dog collars. Anytime any one is pinned, the match is paused and the referee will check the key of whoever was just pinned. The match continues until somebody pins somebody who has possession of the correct key.

Jason Static was announced as the second participant due to being entitled to a rematch. Fitzwater then took the names of everyone who already competed in a singles match and put them in a giant skull. The final two names in the match were randomly picked, Minyon and Sabotage.

Suddenly WWE’s Evolution theme music hit and the Gentlemen’s Club came out. Jason Static came out similar to Triple H, Sabotage to Flair and Pete Simmons to Randy Orton. Static likened his group to the future of the business, just as Evolution once was. He then proclaimed that the Halloween jokes were over and it was time to discuss serious business. Sabotage was very happy to be in the main event and to have a shot at the gold, but Static said that Sabotage is going to be in the match solely to help him regain the belt. During this discussion, Simmons stole the Zombie’s candy and was chased to the back.

Tag Team Battle Royal
Both partners must be eliminated. Winners get a title shot later in the night.

  • The Main Men (Mike Magnum & Johnny “Muscles” Marinara)
  • O.S.U. (Nick Saint & “Jumbo” Joe Gunns) w/ Mikey Old School
  • Boriqua Posse (Reggaedones & Juan Jeremy)
  • The Voice & Draven w/ Black Rose
  • Jay Delta & Razzle Dazzle
  • Nightmare & Zombie

VPW newcomers The Boriqua Posse were victorious in this wild match. The final four were Jay Delta, Juan Jeremy, Joe Gunns and Reggaedones. They all ganged up on Gunns to toss him out. Then Jay Delta eliminated Jeremy, only to immediately be tossed out himself. Maybe Jay Delta shouldn’t have been so overconfident that any partner would work for him. The Boriqua Posse then made it known that they were coming after the Funky Fresh Boyz.

VPW Halloween Costume Contest
Mack Daddy Flexx and the Funky Fresh Boyz were the judges in this fan contest.

VPW New York Championship
VSK d. Sabotage w/ “Ultra Tough” Doug So Delicious & E.J. Risk
In the Halloween spirit, Risk came out as Bret Hart and VSK came out as Shawn Michaels. VSK retained his title.

VPW Tag Team Championship
Funky Fresh Boyz(K-Funk & K-Fresh) w/ Ms. Terri (c) d. Boriqua Posse (Reggaedones & Juan Jeremy)
The Funky Fresh Boyz retained the tag team titles.

VPW Championship
Hangman’s Curse Match

“The Perfect Gentleman” Jason Static w/ “The Answer” Pete Simmons vs. Minyon vs. Sabotage vs. Mack Daddy Flexx
This was the first ever Hangman’s Curse match in wrestling history. All four opponents were brutalized in this quadruple dog collar match.  This insane match saw Mack Daddy Flexx retain the VPW Championship after pinning Jason Static. Static had the correct key to open the chest. The first pinfall saw Static pin Minyon. Minyon’s key did not work. The second pinfall saw Flexx pin Sabotage. Sabotage’s key did not work.


Victory Pro Wrestling has a rich history of professional wrestling on Long Island, performing in St. James, Centereach, Deer Park, Babylon, North Babylon, Islip, Sachem, and Hofstra University. Since 2005, Victory Pro Wrestling raised thousands of dollars in fundraisers for our communities.