Oct 26

Autumn Uproar results: Cat chooses, Church captures tag crown, Katana retains

Church of Tibbs defeats Down Boyz to win VPW Tag TitlesHistory was made in Centereach when Victory Pro Wrestling presented Autumn Uproar as Kevin Tibbs and Dorian Graves bring tag gold to the Church of Tibbs.

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Oct 24

Grammar Cop issues open challenge and citations

When VPW returns to Centereach tonight, Grammar Cop looks to be a part of the action.

With his partner Timbershae, Grammar Cop looks to issue demerits and destruction to the VPW locker room.

VPW-TV caught up with the Grammar Cop after the Gold Rush Rumble for his thoughts on what is next for the future.

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Oct 24

Down Boyz not afraid of Church

One of the most dominant tag teams in Victory Pro Wrestling, the Down Boyz, look to defend the VPW Tag Team Championships this weekend against Triple Crown champion Kevin Tibbs and his disciple Dorian Graves as the Church of Tibbs look to take the gold.

If you ask Steve or Tony, they have something different to say.  Even their manager Chrissy had something to say about the Down Boyz being on top of VPW’s tag world.


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Oct 24

Search for Katana Continues for Fulton

VPW Champion Kai Katana is a tough man to find, if you ask Kevin Fulton.

The ConfluxXx outlaw chases the Victory Pro Wrestling championship this weekend at Autumn Uproar.

Katana said he could be found any time, any where, so Fulton decided to take him up on that challenge.

See where Kevin Fulton searched this time.

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