Sep 28

ConfluxXx’s Fulton sets out to find Katana

With the Gold Rush Rumble behind us and Autumn Uproar coming up, one thing we know is that we do not know the status of Kai Katana.  The Victory Pro Wrestling champion suffered an attack at the hands of ConfluxXx at Carnage in Centereach, but recently shared his thoughts about getting some payback against Kevin Fulton.

Kevin Fulton had this to say about the VPW Champion’s recent video.

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Sep 14

Cat Scratches and Claws to Capture Gold Rush Rumble Crown

Fighter Cat covers Reyes in the Gold Rush Rumble finals.Fighter Cat clawed his way to the top of the food chain by outlasting the entire Victory Pro Wrestling roster and winning the 2015 Gold Rush Rumble.

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Sep 08

Can Kai Katana Compete? VPW Champ addresses concerns

With the attack by ConfluxXx to VPW Champion Kai Katana at the end of Carnage in Centereach, growing concerns for the champion have echoed throughout the VPW fanbase.

As of today, VPW officials have yet to clear Katana to perform at the Gold Rush Rumble, but they did not rule anything out as they are monitoring his progress.  While he has been cleared to train, VPW management want to protect the integrity of the company’s top prize and the champion that is defending it.

With that said, VPW Champion Kai Katana chose to share his thoughts surrounding him.

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Sep 07

The 2015 Gold Rush Rumble: Who will win it all this year?

2015 Gold Rush RumbleReturning to Centereach is the Gold Rush Rumble, one of the most unpredictable and incredible matches in Victory Pro Wrestling.

Stars were born from this contest, paths were paved, and champions were decided.

From determining who was the New York State Champion to giving the winner the chance to choose who they want to challenge, the Gold Rush Rumble has never disappointed.

Ricky Reyes, VsK, Kevin Fulton, Jorge Santi.  These are just some of the names to be etched in the Gold Rush Rumble history, a challenge that is harder than it looks.

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