Apr 23

Reyes and Risk to clash for New York State Championship at Fans Choice V

Ricky Reyes and ConfluxXx addressing the Centereach fansThe Cuban Crippler Ricky Reyes addressed the crowd in Centereach at Spring Fever 2014, stating that EJ Risk was not there to defend the title because he was afraid of Ricky Reyes, afraid of losing the title.

Berating the New York State Champion, Reyes declared that at Fans Choice V, Saturday night May 3, when Victory Pro Wrestling returns to Deer Park, he would be the first ever two-time New York State Champion when he beats Risk for the title.

He didn’t care what kind of match the fans would choose, either.

  • Best 2 out of 3 Falls match
  • Long Island Street Fight
  • Submissions match

With the votes from the Centereach fans and the fans online at VictoryProWrestling.com, here are the results: Read the rest of this entry »

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Apr 22

Mascara Celestial attacked; challenged for Fans Choice Show V in Deer Park

Destructico against Mascara Celestial at Fans Choice Show VIn his Victory Pro Wrestling debut at Blood Sweat & 8 Years, Mascara Celestial picked up the win against Destructico.

At Spring Fever 2014, Destructico attacked Mascara Celestial and Mikey OldSchool after his match and told him that he was upset that he was making his return to VPW only to lose to Celestial.

Destructico issued a challenge for Fans Choice Show V, Saturday night May 3 in Deer Park, demanding respect and telling Mascara Celestial and the VPW fans that he would get his retribution.

Destructico’s frustrations are not new to VPW against lucha wrestlers.  He feuded with El Conquistador and in singles competition, was never able to beat him.

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Apr 21

Fans Choice for the VPW Tag Team Championship between Da Hou$e Party and The Down Boyz

The Down Boyz' Tony covers K-MC of Da Hou$e Party

The Down Boyz’ Tony covers K-MC of Da Hou$e Party

At Blood Sweat & 8 Years, a Jersey invasion took place when The Down Boyz attacked VPW Tag Team Champions Da Hou$e Party after a successful title defense.

Ejected from the building, Tony and Steve said they were here to show that rock is better than hip-hop and to claim their spot as VPW Tag Team Champions.

Cooley K and K-MC gave them their shot at Spring Fever 2014 in Centereach in what was a chaotic back and forth match between the reigning champions and the Jersey boys.

The match ended with Da Hou$e Party retaining the gold, but The Down Boyz didn’t take that lightly, attempting to sneak an attack after the match.

K-MC invite the fans in Centereach to speak, and speak they did.

With Victory Pro Wrestling giving the fans the chance to pick the stipulations in the three championship matches, K-MC ran down the list of stipulations to choose from:

  • Texas Tornado Rules (all four wrestlers are legal throughout the entire match)
  • Ladder Match (both titles are hoisted high above the ring and to win you have to climb a ladder)
  • Double Strap Match (one wrestler on one team is strapped together on his wrist to one wrestler on the other team’s wrist)

With the votes from the Centereach fans and the fans online at VictoryProWrestling.com, here are the results:
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Apr 19

Voting is over! Details coming soon

Victory Pro Wrestling presents Fans Choice V in Deer Park Saturday May 3 - vote today!

Voting is over for Victory Pro Wrestling’s Fans Choice Show V, coming your way Saturday night, May 3, when we return to Deer Park for exciting wrestling action.

We’ll be announcing at VictoryProWrestling.com all week what you chose for stipulations for each of our championship matches!

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