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Tickets on sale now for Fans Choice 7

What will happen June 23 when Victory Pro Wrestling returns to Centereach for Fans Choice 7?


Saturday June 23

Jersey Muscle Steve Gibki vs
Champion Jay Delta

Queen of New York Sam L’Eterna vs
Champion White Girl

Fighter Cat vs
Coach Mammone

Also, new VPW Champion VSK will be in action!!

All this and so much more!!

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AND NEW…. VSK rises to the top for record 3x; Results from Upper Limits

The last time VSK and EJ Risk fought, Risk broke the record and became the first VPW wrestler to hold every championship, King of New York, and the Gold Rush Rumble.  At Upper Limits, it would be VSK to break a record by winning the VPW championship for a third time.


White Girl teams up with Kevin Tibbs at Upper Limits to meet Sam L’Eterna and Max Caster in a Mixed Tag challenge

He is a VPW Triple Crown champion. The only one to reign as King of New York, New York State Champion, and VPW Champion at the same time. Kevin Tibbs is one of the most recognized stars in VPW history, and he’s earned every step of it.

She is the current VPW Women’s Champion. In 2014, she was one of four that was a part of the launch of the VPW Women’s division, and the third to become champion. Starting as the manager of the Down Boyz, White Girl has made her own mark as a top star in Victory Pro Wrestling. (more…)

VSK uses rematch clause to challenge EJ Risk at Upper Limits

He expected a chance to regain what he felt was rightfully his.  In fact, buzz in the locker room was that VSK was ready to take back the Victory Pro Wrestling championship from EJ Risk, who he had lost to at Blood Sweat and 12 Years in March.

Kai Katana, indirectly, had other ideas.

The new champion started Spring Fever by running down the fans who he said forgot him when he was hurt.  When he retired from wrestling, the fans never reached out to him.  It took his betrayal of his best friend VSK for fans to start noticing EJ Risk was back.

He then talked about VSK, and about his exciting match against him a month earlier.  How he proved once and for all that he is truly the better wrestler.  How it was time for him to move past him and into the future with a challenge to anyone in the locker room who thought it was their time to shine against EJ Risk.

Enter:  Kai Katana.  His time to step up was now.  He mentioned that VSK’s reign started with the end of his, and that it was time for Kai Katana to rise again.  Katana challenged Risk to face him that night in the main event.  After VSK came out to state what he felt was the obvious, Risk passed him over, granting Katana his request and accepting his challenge.

VSK was not done, though. (more…)