2018 Year in Review


Dec 26, 2018

VictoryProWrestling.com went to Facebook in December and asked our fans to break down 2018 and cast their votes for who they felt deserved the honor of Rookie of the Year, Match of the Year, and more.

After a week of votes, here are the results.

Rookie of the Year

VPW presented many new stars in 2018, but none stood out like Coach Mammone.

In a complete landslide, Mammone picked up 49.3% of all votes.

Francis Kip Stevens came in second with 10.7% of the votes.

Feud of the Year

Earlier this year, he claimed that nobody would forget his name. Nine months later, he was right as VPW fans recognized EJ Risk in two of the hottest feuds of 2018.

But it was his former best friend VSK that shares the top spot with him. VSK chose honor, EJ Risk chose his legacy, and the two collided for the VPW Championship for a better part of the year.

In second place was Risk’s feud with Mister Tibbs, which closed out the end of 2018 with a phenomenal 30-minute Ironman match.

Tag Team of the Year

VPW’s tag team division saw new life in 2018. New champions were crowned twice, as #TeamAdams claimed the championships in February, and later in the year, the new team of Johnny Collins and Bryce Donovan emerged as champions.

But the team that tugged on the hearts of the fans was a new team featuring two unlikely partners – Fighter Cat and Grammar Cop. The team, known as “Fighter Cop,” formed out of mutual respect for each other.

In second place comes the makeshift team of Coach Mammone and Razzle Dazzle.

Woman of the Year

Four years ago, the Women’s division started with Nikki Addams, Karen Q, MJ Jenkins, and Kris Stadtlander. Three of them became VPW Women’s Champion, and the same three debuted in Ring of Honor in 2018.

The development of the division continued to grow, and in 2018 we crowned the first ever Queen of New York when Sam L’Eterna defeated Karen Q.

But it was the former “White Girl” Kris Statdlander that captured the hearts of VPW as the first two-time VPW Women’s Champion.

Just 3 votes shy of first place was the woman who ended Stadtlander’s second reign, current champion Masha Slamovich.

Surprise of the Year

Whether it was CPA challenging for the VPW Championship or Francis Kip Stevens teaming up with the Jersey Muscle Jock Steve Gibki or the Devil’s Outlaw Stockade debuting in the Gold Rush Rumble, 2018 will be known as the year of surprises in Victory Pro Wrestling.

But no surprise takes the cake like the debut of Coach Mammone in Victory Pro Wrestling. The VFW hall erupted when he made his way to the ring, and they haven’t stopped cheering for him.

The second biggest surprise was Masha Slamovich taking the VPW Championship from Kris Stadtlander, claiming to be the real thing and leaving all gimmicks behind her.

Match of the Year

There were many great matches in VPW this year. Every main event has to be considered “Match of the Year” candidates, but so are the matches that are show stealers.

The ladder match between Jay Delta and Steve Gibki for the New York State championship, with both titles hanging above the ring. Max Caster and Kevin Tibbs in a Kiss My Ass match.

But the match that everyone clearly felt was match of the year was the end of the feud between EJ Risk and VSK for the Victory Pro Wrestling Championship inside a steel cage.

VSK took the second spot as well with his match against Kris Stadtlander in October’s Monster Mash.

Wrestler of the Year

Who was the top wrestler in Victory Pro Wrestling? The barometer of who’s who measured by the VPW fans showed that some of the new blood have earned their spot.

Guys like Coach Mammone, Johnny Collins, and Francis Kip Stevens made their way into the top five.

But the wrestler that took the top spot as Wrestler of the Year is the same wrestler that took the top spot in Victory Pro Wrestling, the new VPW Champion Kevin “Mister” Tibbs.

In a close second came Fighter Cat, then Coach Mammone, Collins, and Stevens.

Who will be the new King of New York in January?

Saturday January 19, 2019

VPW’s top stars will fight to become the new King of New York

Champions Donovan and Collins will be in action!

After losing to VPW Women’s Champion Masha Slamovich at Disorderly Conduct, Ariela Nyx is challenging Slamovich for another fight!


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