Carnage in Centereach VIIIVictory Pro Wrestling’s Carnage in Centereach VIII lived up to it’s name when VPW returned to the VFW hall in Centereach this weekend.

In front of a loud and energetic crowd, the show was filled with amazing moments, and an announcement that may change the tone of VPW forever!

“K-Fresh” Kevin Fulton def. “The Heartthrob” Romeo Roselli
Romeo entered the ring and trashed the fans, then trashed his opponent, saying that he was finally ridding VPW of “K-Fresh” once and for all.  But the former New York State Champion had something to say about that, finally overcoming the threat of the Heartthrob and picking up the win.

After the match, K-Fresh said that now this was done, it was time to get back his New York State Championship and called out Kai Katana for a rematch in Deer Park June 29.

Destructico def. “Man of Faith” Brian XL and Super Pogo
This match featured the debut of Super Pogo, but it wasn’t an impressive one for him.  His inexperience cost him as he was eliminated early in the match as he was pinned by Destructico, giving way to a match between the masked luchador and Brian XL.  XL had the match won, but somehow Destructico found a way, and a handful of tights, to win.

Dr. Lamar Braxton Porter (w/ Nasty Nate Lecter) def. Johnny Knockout (w/ Mikey Old School)
Old School Unlimited found a way to bring the Cinematic Superstar Johnny Knockout to VPW, and while he was outmatched in size, his heart and fire to win wasn’t afraid of the 301 pound Porter.  In fact, it was the big man who tried to bring his spinal cord model into play.  Knockout was able to take it away, then he was able to knock down Lecter, who was on the apron.  While Lecter jumped back on the apron, distracting the referee, Porter connected with a low blow, then hit his patented back breaker to score the win.

Kai Katana (c) def. “Firebird” Jorge Santi
At the Fans Choice show, Santi became the Number One Contender for the New York State Championship, which was won later that night by Kai Katana.  No strangers to each other, Santi and Katana were ready for battle.  Several times during the match, Santi looked to have the champion down, but Katana leaped onto Santi’s back and locked his rear naked choke on, and the rest is history, with the Firebird tapping out.

Amazing Red def. “Savior of Wrestling” Kevin MISTER Tibbs
Angry that he was not getting a chance at the Victory Pro Wrestling championship, he decided to show his opponent Amazing Red that he wasn’t going to just start from the bottom and work his way back up, he was going to use Red as a stepping stone to get the top prize in VPW back around his waist.  Saying that, and actually doing that, were two different things.

Amazing Red was on fire, flying around the ring and overcoming Tibbs throughout the match.  The former VPW Champion threw everything he could at Amazing Red, but Red had an answer.  Red picked up the win, leaving Tibbs frustrated as he hit the showers for the night.

Da Hou$e Party def. Alex Reyes and Anthony Gangone
Alex Reyes expressed his disgust before the match that he had to drive all the way out from New York City to come to Centereach to fight, saying that all the horrible things he heard were actually true.  Those words did not earn any points with the fans, and Da Hou$e Party did not disappoint.  Cooley K and K-MC faced a tough challenge, with a lot of quick tags from the challengers, but in the end, they were able to defend the titles and send Alex and Anthony packing.

“The Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes def. EJ Risk
Former tag team partners, former Conflux stablemates.  EJ Risk, kicked to the curb, against his former best friend and mentor.  Ricky Reyes, after losing a Two out of Three falls match to Risk at Fans Choice, wanted to avenge that loss.  In an amazing and intense battle, it was a vicious powerbomb into a rolling neckbreaker combination that scored the win for Reyes.

Before the official announcement that Reyes won the match was complete, Kai Katana stormed the ring.  Staring both Reyes and Risk down, Katana finally chose to attack the downed Risk, and Reyes soon joined in the attack.  K-Fresh Kevin Fulton stormed the ring and evened the odds, but Kevin MISTER Tibbs was shortly out to attack his former Funky Fresh partner.

Victory Pro Wrestling champion VsK stormed the ring, and alongside Risk and K-Fresh, issued a challenge to Reyes, Katana, and Tibbs to a six-man match.  The referee made the decision to make the match official.

EJ Risk, K-Fresh Kevin Fulton and VsK
def. “The Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes, Kai Katana, and Kevin MISTER Tibbs
This match went back and forth with the fans at the edges of their seats.  Katana started the match off against VsK, but without saying a word, backed into his own corner and tagged in Tibbs.  The team of VsK, K-Fresh, and Risk worked well together, but so did the unlikely trio of Tibbs, Reyes, and Katana.

The end of the match came after a series of vicious clothelines and kicks taking out everyone but VsK and Tibbs, who got caught with a super kick from the VPW Champion, who scored the pinfall.  As the winners started to celebrate, Reyes, Katana, and Tibbs attacked them.

Amazing Red charged the ring and was face to face with Ricky Reyes, who was then pulled out the ring by Tibbs.  Frustrated that he didn’t get his hands on Reyes again, Amazing Red grabbed the microphone, saying that he was sick and tired of the games that Ricky was playing, and that Saturday June 29, there would be no place for Reyes to hide because he was going to finally get his hands on Reyes inside the confines of a 15 foot high steel cage!

K-Fresh then grabbed the mic and issued the challenge to Katana again for the New York State Championship.  Without any words, Katana accepted.

What will happen when Victory Pro Wrestling returns to Deer Park for Upper Limits ’13?Victory Pro Wrestling presents Upper Limits '13

Upper Limits '13 Amazing Red Ricky Reyes Steel Cage



Victory Pro Wrestling has a rich history of professional wrestling on Long Island, performing in St. James, Centereach, Deer Park, Babylon, North Babylon, Islip, Sachem, and Hofstra University. Since 2005, Victory Pro Wrestling raised thousands of dollars in fundraisers for our communities.