Becoming one of the great ones doesn’t happen overnight.  EJ Risk and Kevin Tibbs have worked at this for over ten years, and it came to a head at Disorderly Conduct in a 30-minute Ironman match.

Jay Delta wears down Coach Mammone

Jay Delta vs Coach Mammone

  • Coach Mammone has been on fire lately.  In singles competition, he comes to this match undefeated.
  • Jay Delta looked to rebound from his loss of the VPW New York State Championship with what he perceived to be an easy victory against Coach Mammone.
  • Coach started in control early on, but that did not last as the wily veteran took control and dominated Mammone.
  • Despite his expert ring awareness, Delta was outlasted by Mammone


Kyler Khan, examining his handiwork after the
beatdown of Grammar Cop after the match

The Giant Andre & Kyler Khan 
vs Fighter Cop (Fighter Cat and Grammar Cop)

  • Before the match, Kyler Khan introduced his team as the “Giant KHANdre”
  • Without the mask, Grammar Cop struggled.  Once the mask was on, he was able to embrace the power of the Cat, and his in ring ability and presence soared.
  • Giant Andre had a much more focused demeanor this time around, working more cohesively with Khan to dominate Fighter Cat
  • The end of the match came with a flying dropkick from Fighter Cat after both he and Grammar Cop wore down Andre.  


After the match, Andre tossed Fighter Cat from the ring, leaving him and Khan to brutalize Grammar Cop.  Fighter Cat eventually made the save, but Grammar Cop needed assistance to the locker room.

Eris Rayne looks on as Pancake has a
meltdown after suffering yet another loss

El Futuro vs Pancake vs Lawrence Spiral (w/ Eris Rayne)

  • The story here should have revolved around three wrestlers looking to make a name for themselves.  Lawrence Spiral and Pancake both have the fans behind them, but El Futuro was the unknown spectacle.
  • Spiral and Futuro started it off with Pancake outside the ring, letting them wear each other out.  
  • Pancake, looking to impress VPW management with his first win, picked off his opponents at the right time, but was too busy showboating to the fans.  El Futuro seized the moment and cut off him off before his Pancake Time splash finish.
  • Spiral took advantage of the confusion in the ring and stole the win.


The real story came after the match, when Pancake, showing frustration, trashed both Spiral and Eris Rayne with personal digs.  He then trashed VPW and the fans in what can only be described as uncomfortable.  A second official had to come to the ring to escort Pancake from the ring before things got completely out of hand.

VPW Women’s Champion Masha Slamovich
wears down Ariela Nyx

Champion Masha Slamovich vs Ariela Nyx

  • Dominance by the champion kept her in control as Ariela was outmatched early on.
  • Ariela mounted offense that put Masha in the corner, but the Russian national continued to fight back.
  • Losing control, Masha took advantage of poor positioning by the official and pulling the tights for the cheap win.


The champion quickly scurried to the back as Ariela looked on from the ring, realizing what happened.

Dazzle caught with the mannequin head by
Collins before the end of the match

Razzle Dazzle (w/ Coach Mammone)
vs VPW Tag Team Champion “Pretty Boy” Johnny Collins

  • Pleased with his victory earlier, Coach was hoping to use that as motivation to get a victory for Razzle Dazzle
  • Collins dominated the match early on, showing why he is one half of the VPW Tag Team Champions.  Dazzle just could not keep up with him.
  • While he had the size and experience factor, Dazzle’s real advantage came from the guidance of Mammone outside the ring.  That, and a distraction helped him finally gain control of Collins.
  • After dominating the diminutive Collins, Dazzle felt that using his mannequin head would help seal the deal.  Mammone was incredibly against this, jumping on the apron to convince Dazzle he did not need to use it.
  • With the official demanding Mammone get off the apron, Dazzle teased the attack.  Collins grabbed the head, tossed it back to Dazzle, and pretended he was hit.  The official saw this, put two and two together, and ended the match.


After the match, Mammone and Dazzle argued about the technical meaning of “using your head” before the disappointed Coach sent Dazzle to the back.

Ricky Reyes dominating Francis Kip Stevens

Lucha Underground’s Ricky Reyes vs Francis Kip Stevens

  • It was the classic battle of the athlete versus “the nerd” as former VPW Champion Ricky Reyes faced off against Francis Kip Stevens.
  • The four season Lucha Underground veteran Ricky Reyes used his background to control the pace of the match, but Stevens was able to keep up.
  • Even as they battled outside the ring, Reyes controlled the pace, but Stevens was able to keep up.
  • Despite having championships around the world and experience well beyond his opponent, Reyes was unable to decipher Stevens in the end.


Stockade flies from the ring to join the foray

Stockade vs “Absolute” Alvin Alvarez

  • Stockade waited in the ring for Alvarez, Bison came out with “Canadian Destroyer” Adam Striker, mentioning that Alvin was not in attendance tonight but in his place, it would be him and Striker.
  • As they stalked the ring, DA Black Sheep came from the back and started beating The Brand from behind as Stockade attacked from the ring.
  • The Brand was unable to contain Stockade, but DA Black Sheep was another story.  They wore him down and tried to take him out so they could pick apart Stockade in the end.
  • In the end it was the inexperience factor that ended it for The Brand.  Striker was on the top rope looking to surprise Stockade, but the big man from Valhalla flew up the ropes and then drilled Striker into the mat with a second rope piledriver.


Ring announcer John E Radioo explains the rules
of the match before the main event

30-Minute Ironman Match
Champion EJ Risk vs Kevin “Mister” Tibbs

The winner of the match would be determined by the wrestler that has the most victories within the 30 minute clock.  Victories would be determined as a pinfall, submission, or disqualification.  In the event of a tie, the Champion’s advantage would rule that EJ Risk would retain the VPW Championship.

  • The action was fast and furious, as right out of the gate, both Tibbs and Risk attempted to finish each other off early to gain the fall advantage.  
  • After a quick fall was not in the cards, they both switched gears and tried to wear each other down with submission holds.  Risk favored the Sharpshooter, and Tibbs tried to lock in his armbar.
Kevin Tibbs bodyslams EJ Risk onto the 
merchandise table
  • The action spilled outside the ring on more than one occasion.  At one point, this lead to the top of the merchandise table where Risk was going to backdrop Tibbs, but the challenger slammed the champion instead.
  • Frustration started to set for EJ Risk as he was unable to score a fall against Tibbs, despite several VERY CLOSE two counts.
  • Despite fighting back, Tibbs was unable to control the match near the end as the clock started winding down.  Risk locked him in several Sharpshooters, wearing down the challenger and sealing his fate.
  • With mere seconds away from the match ending in a 0-0 draw, Tibbs turned his body and rolled up Risk for a three count at the 29:54 mark. Unable to recover quickly, the clock ran out on the reign of EJ Risk.


After the match, Risk shook hands with the new champion, passing on a show of respect to Tibbs.

With this win, Kevin Tibbs is the second wrestler to be VPW Champion on three separate occasions.  


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