August 04, 2021
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Jay Delta

Jay Delta is a three time VPW Tag Team champion, a VPW New York State Champion, and VPW Champion.

Combined, Delta has held at least one championship for 1,164 days.

This is not including his accolades of King of New York. In 2019, Delta was crowned King for a record three times..

Very few wrestlers can claim the same pedigree as Delta, a wrestler who has dominated Victory Pro Wrestling since his debut.

Signature Finisher: Discus Lariat

Hometown: Orange County
Debuted: April 2006

– Victory Pro Wrestling Champion
– VPW New York State Champion
– 3x VPW Tag Team Champion (w/ Xander Page)
– 2013 King of New York
– 2016 King of New York
– 2019 King of New York