The VPW locker room answers the call
Kevin Tibbs asks, and the VPW locker room answers

The question before Carnage in Centereach IX was whether Kevin Tibbs would survive the night as VPW Champion.

At the end of the night, Tibbs was the one asking questions, and the entire locker room was prepared to answer him.

VsK hijacks the showVsK came out and hijacked the show, not sure why Ricky Reyes would get a title shot and he be ignored, but most importantly why the fans, who he broke his neck for, would turn their back on him. Demanding respect from the fans, he demanded a title shot against Kevin Tibbs tonight.

Instead of an answer from Kevin Tibbs, out came Kai Katana. The man from the Great Eastern Sun stared down the former VPW champion, then made a symbol around his waist, seemingly saying that he deserves to be champion.

Having heard enough in the locker room, 2-time VPW Champion Kevin Tibbs came out and accepted VsK’s challenge, and invited Kai Katana to be a part of the chaos as well since Ricky Reyes was not there, saying the Cuban Crippler was afraid of losing again to the Savior of Wrestling.

“The Heartthrob” Romeo Roselli (w/ Deonna) against “The Illusionist” Damian Adams
Damian Adams made his VPW debut at Upper Limits, and Romeo Roselli stole the win with a distraction from his CEO of the Vice President’s Personal Assistant to the Administrating Traveling Secretary of Romeo Roselli Enterprise Corporation, LLC™ Deonna. Tonight, in short fashion, Deonna got herself involved again, this time jumping on Adams’ back to cause a disqualification.

WINNER: Damian Adams (via disqualification)

Not satisfied with the win, to the point where he didn’t even want to be announced as the winner, Adams said he had enough and had someone in the back that could make this interesting – a mixed gender tag team match – and introduced his partner Ashley Brielle.

Deonna against Ashley BrielleMIXED GENDER TAG TEAM MATCH
“The Heartthrob” Romeo Roselli and Deonna
against “The Illusionist” Damian Adams and Ashley Brielle

The ladies started it off, and both Deonna and Ashley took turns in control until Deonna made the tag to bring in Romeo.

Romeo kept Ashley from tagging her partner in, cutting the ring in half, taunting and shoving Ashley down until he went to slam her to the mat. Ashley slipped through, then body slammed Romeo before tagging her partner!

Roselli and Deonna were able to steal the win, much to the chagrin of Adams, after Ashley was knocked outside the ring. This left Deonna able to hold the legs of Damien Adams down but outside the referee’s view as he counted the three.

WINNERS: Romeo Roselli and Deonna

After the match, Adams was seen arguing with the referee about how it was not fair how he lost, and that he wants another match against Roselli at the Gold Rush Rumble in Deer Park August 16.

Ahtu covers SuperPogo!“Doomsday Jesus” Ahtu against Super Pogo! (w/ Mikey Old School and Razzle Dazzle)
At Disorderly Conduct, Mikey Old School stole a win against Ahtu, giving Razzle Dazzle the victory and confusing Super Pogo! in the process. This time around, it was Super Pogo! in the ring against the big monster from the Midway City.

With the action back and forth, Old School saw his chance to intervene. With Ahtu looking to connect with a meathook clothesline off the ropes, Old School tripped him up. But instead of a roll-up, Super Pogo! contronted his manager.

Old School and Razzle Dazzle looked at each other, then back at the ring, and together they left Pogo! and headed to the locker room. Confused, Pogo! turned around and met the power of Ahtu, who ended the match with a spinning sidewalk slam.


Still confused, Pogo! kept asking what happened as he walked to the back.

Jacob Hendrix cheats againBOXING MATCH
Jacob Hendrix (with the Church of Tibbs) against Grop the Caveman

This special attraction match was the second boxing match featuring the unorthodox Grop against Jacob Hendrix.

As the referee was trying to get them in the middle of the ring to start the match, Hendrix took his gloves off and offered his friendship to Grop. Stunned, the caveman looked to the fans for advice, and received a slap to the face from Hendrix.

Finally getting control, the match finally started. The first round was… ugly. The wild swings of the caveman, who came to the ring wearing his gloves on the wrong hands, was enough to stagger Hendrix, and unlike their first encounter, Grop was able to pummel his opponent.

In the second round, the story was a little different. With Dorian Graves on the apron, Kevin Tibbs tossed in the steel chain, giving Hendrix an unfair advantage and another win over the Caveman.

WINNER: Jacob Hendrix

After the fight, Dorian attacked Grop while Jacob grabbed a steel chair and smashed it over the head of the Caveman, who fell out the ring as a result.

Hendrix then challenged Grop to a loser leaves VPW match at the Gold Rush Rumble, and then said after he was done getting rid of Grop, it would be bigger and better things for the Church, as he and Graves would become VPW Tag Team Champions.

Dorian Graves celebrates the winTRIPLE THREAT MATCH
Dorian Graves against “Firebird” Jorge Santi against Cooley K

The masked Church disciple Dorian Graves faced off against Manhattan’s son Jorge Santi and one half of the VPW Tag Team Champions Cooley K.

It started out real bad for Graves as he spent the first few minutes outside the ring, and Santi and Cooley K kept things friendly, but competitive. Graves was able to get into the mix, and found himself at times on the wrong end of a double team.

However, he was able to overcome the odds and pick up the victory.

WINNER: Dorian Graves

Before the next match was announced, VPW Management, through the voice of ring announcer John E Radioo, said that the main event for the VPW championship would now be a no disqualification, no count out, one falls to a finish match.

Mikey Old School shoves Super Pogo! after Pogo! cost Razzle Dazzle the matchTHREE-WAY ELIMINATION MATCH
Destructico against Razzle Dazzle (w/ Mikey Old School and Super Pogo!) against The Zombie

Earlier in the night, it looked a little rough for Super Pogo! as his partner Razzle Dazzle and manager Mikey Old School left him for dead against Ahtu, but things must have been patched up as the three came out together.

That unraveled quickly after Old School tried to help Razzle Dazzle cheat for the win. Pogo! asked why they were cheating, causing Dazzle to be distracted and Destructico took advantage of that with a roll up for the elimination. Old School and Razzle Dazzle took their frustrations out on Super Pogo!, kicking him down and beating him on the way back to the locker room.

The action between Zombie and Destructico spilled outside the ring, then back in, and the size and power of The Zombie eventually overcame Destructico, resulting in the win.

WINNER: The Zombie

Kai Katana against VsK against Kevin Tibbs (c)

A wrestling classic featuring three of VPW’s top stars today. With nine championship reigns between the three competitors, they all had one objective – walk out of Centereach as VPW Champion.

VsK flies into Kai KatanaVsK showed off a more cocky, arrogant style in the ring. Kai Katana was cold, calculating, and lethal with every move. The 2-time VPW Champion Kevin Tibbs pulled out everything he could in an attempt to survive.

Katana suffered the most in the match, with VsK showing off a more aggressive outside game. At one point, after missing a running boot to a prone Katana, Katana looked to take advantage. VsK caught him trying a backspring elbow and dropped him spine-first on the railing.

This didn’t stop him from trying to finish off as champion. At one point he was able to connect with a moonsault to VsK. He then rolled Tibbs on top of VsK and attempted a moonsault to the both of them, but VsK and Tibbs rolled out the way, leaving Katana to eat the mat.

VsK had connected with his super kick more than once in the match, but Tibbs somehow survived. The end of the match came after the missed moonsault. VsK went to connect with another super kick, but Tibbs met him with a front roundhouse kick of his own. The dazed VsK was then victim to a flying bulldog from the champion, who scored the three.

WINNER: Kevin Tibbs

After the match, Kevin Tibbs told everyone that he has yet to defend the New York State Championship, and that at the Gold Rush Rumble, he would defend the title against anyone that wanted a title match.

The Doomsday Jesus Ahtu came out from the back, and the fans all reacted. Then came Firebird Jorge Santi, then Destructico, Zombie, until at least 7 VPW wrestlers came out to face the champion’s call.

Tibbs then said that he has dominated in every competition, held every championship, was King of New York, and that the only thing left for him was to win the Gold Rush Rumble match, so he will put the New York State championship on the line in the Gold Rush Rumble match itself against everyone in VPW!

What will happen when Victory Pro Wrestling returns to Deer Park?

VICTORY PRO WRESTLING PRESENTSThe Gold Rush Rumble, Saturday August 16
Saturday August 16, 2014
Deer Park Community Center
41 Homer Avenue, Deer Park

New York State Champion Kevin Tibbs
will defend the championship in the
Gold Rush Rumble match against
all comers!

Grop the Caveman against Jacob Hendrix

Romeo Roselli against The Illusionist Damian Adams

What will happen at the
Gold Rush Rumble?


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