January 22, 2022
“I never got my rematch….” Mister Tibbs to challenge VPW Champion Johnny Collins at Before the Storm Feb 19 Tickets on sale now for VPW 149: Before the Storm in February ICYMI: New champion crowned; Andre’s Absolute Betrayal; Tibbs talks titles; and the Coach/Collins finale. Results from VPW 148: Devastation Eric James defends the New York State Championship against VPW newcomer Dante Drago at Devastation 12/18

Cotto crowned Queen after kicking Rayne; Influence takes over VPW, but Coach, Gibki and Stockade fight back

It was an uphill battle for the shortest competitor in the Queen’s Royale, but Jayel Cotto would overcome the odds to become the new Queen of New York.

The show started off in front of a Mother’s Day crowd in Centereach with VPW Commissioner Kevin Fulton introducing the Queen’s crown and trophy. He also announced that at VPW’s Fan Choice ’19, Victory Pro Wrestling would be raffling off the original VPW Tag Team Championships.

Then, he went on to talk about the main event as Coach Mammone came to the ring to interject. Mammone complained about how he was robbed at Glory Days and that he felt he deserved another chance to beat VPW Champion Mister Tibbs.

The Commish then reminded Mammone the difference between guys like him, who feel they deserve everything, and guys like Mister Tibbs, King of New York Jay Delta, and New York State Champion Eric James, who carried VPW on their backs for ten years. Fulton also went on to say that he played favorites, but he did it because the Influence, as he called them, were the reasons why fans came to VPW shows since day one, and he will always play favorites to money.

Not taking too kind to this, Mammone attacked Fulton, which drew the wolves from the back. Eric James and Jay Delta stormed the ring and chased Mammone away. Fulton then sealed the deal by not suspending Mammone, but making the main event official – it would be Mammone and Jersey Muscle Steve Gibki against The Influence.

KING OF NEW YORK JAY DELTA (w/ Puppet Jay Delta)
vs Vestler Jack Tomlinson

Before the match started, Delta demanded that everyone bow down to him, and then demanded they send him someone to kiss his feet.

In what was a great match, Tomlinson gave Delta a run for his money. But in the end, it was not enough as Delta picked up the win.


After the match, Delta forced the prone Tomlinson to kiss his feet.


After an epic battle against Absolute Alvin Alvarez at Glory Days, Stockade was fed the challenge of the Giant Andre. The size and strength of Andre was too much for Stockade, but the Death Match Asgardian kept fighting.

Just when it was all over, Stockade mounted a strong comeback and knocked down the Giant Andre with a Stormbreaker knee to seal the deal.



Still broken from last month, Alvarez still had enough fight for his challenge against the 6′ 7″ Galeone.

He muscled his opponent around, but Galeone used his surprising speed and agility to counter Alvarez and take over the match with a wicked springboard move to end the match.

However, as he connected, the official was knocked down, giving Liam Racer and Jay Starr an opening to spring to the ring and attack Galeone. With the damage done, the official recovered in time to see the cover and count Galeone down.


After the match, the Absolute Brand attacked Galeone until Percival the Third came to make the save. With the Brand making their way to the back, Percival and Galeone stood tall in the ring together.

The rules: Eight competitors would step in the ring, only to be eliminated over the top rope with both feet touching the ground.

The eight competitors: The Daughter of Death Adrianna, The Facebreaker Megan Mason, Gabby Gilbert, Karen BamBam, Jayel Cotto, former VPW Women’s Champion Masha Slamovich, Eris Rayne, and… Lance Anderson?

Before the match started, ring announcer John E Radioo asked Anderson what he was doing. To his shock, he was surrounded by women. He said he was just passing through and expected to be in a battle royal, but even with everyone else in the ring as women, it was cool, and that he hoped the best man would win.

That lit a fire among the women in the ring, who each took turns at Anderson before finally eliminating him from the match.

After that, the wrestlers that remained fought to wear each other down to eliminate each other. Mason was next to go, but not without a fight.

Gilbert ran through half the women with a running hip attack in the corner until getting caught by BamBam, who then took over with running cannonballs into the women in each corner. Her first victim was Slamovich, followed by Cotto. Cotto rolled outside the ring, but because she did not go over the top rope, she was not eliminated.

That honor was next bestowed to Gilbert, who was first weakened by Slamovich and a vicious arm bar. Gilbert begged for help before tapping out. She was then unceremoniously tossed over the top.

Soon after, Slamovich would join her after being eliminated. As she started to make her way to the back, she turned and retreated back to the ring to wear down Cotto some more. A suplex on the outside kept Cotto down some more while the action inside the ring left Eris Rayne in the ring with Adrianna and Karen BamBam.

With the odds against her, Rayne fought for her life. A misstep from Adrianna had her flying over the top. Shortly after, BamBam fell for the same move, with her momentum sending her over the top.

Standing tall, Rayne was elated. She looked at the officials, then the timekeepers area, wondering where the bell was. When she turned around, she saw the diminutive Cotto back in the ring. Cotto landed a series of kicks, dizzying Rayne in the process.

She did fight back, throwing Cotto over the top. Cotto stayed on the apron and dragged Rayne over the top, following up with a series of kicks that finally shut the lights out, leaving Rayne to collapse to the floor.


Champions Cat and Cop Connection
vs Total Kontrol
vs Liam Racer & Jay Starr

The first title defense for the new champions would be a triple threat match. With the odds stacked against them, it was likely that new champions would be crowned.

The match was back and forth for all teams before Total Kontrol were taken control by Starr and Racer, who eventually eliminated the team Spiral and Cole.

The celebration was short, as while they thought they were the new champions, the current champions attacked them.

Fighter Cat and Grammar Cop then quickly went to work and dissected their opponents to retain the championships.


The next match was to feature the Fast and Furriest. Bryce Donovan came to the ring alone, and then addressed the Centereach crowd by first congratulating Fighter Cat and Grammar Cop for their win at Glory Days, and then by apologizing for taking the loss out on his partner.

The Even Stevens then came out to ask where Donovan’s partner was. They both went back to the locker room area before dragging Johnny Collins back out. Collins looked beaten and battered, and clearly unable to perform with the official bringing him back to the locker room to be tended to.


Without Collins, this would be a two on one contest, which the Stevens did control. However, Donovan’s strength and energy kept him going.

With the Stevens back in control, Johnny Collins surprisingly came back to the ring, onto the apron, ready to help his partner out. Finally, after being beat down, Donovan made the tag to his partner who came in and went to attack his opponents, before finally turning and knocking Donovan down.

In what could only be called despicable, Collins lead the attack on what has to be now his former partner, finishing the attack with an Even Stevens StevenFlow finish.


For some reason, Anderson’s music didn’t play. He came out anyway, went over to the timekeepers table, and gave the DJ a hug, telling him it was okay. He then casually went to the ring, casually wrestled Percival the Third, and casually took a beating before casually taking the loss.


After the match, he strolled back to the ring with Percival the Third, like nothing had happened.

Ariela Nyx vs Anastasia MorningStar

In what would be her toughest challenge to date, Nyx would take on the darkness in MorningStar.

The masked challenger threw Nyx around, powered a beating in her, and gave her everything she got. The champion would come back and fight, but it looked bleak until she connected with a neckbreaker that would lay the path to victory.


THE INFLUENCE (VPW Champion Mister Tibbs
& New York State Champion Eric James)
vs Coach Mammone & Steve Gibki

Coach Mammone would finally get his hands on Mister Tibbs, and Steve Gibki would finally seek retribution against Eric James, but as they dominated the match, VPW Commissioner Kevin Fulton came out to announce that this match was Gibki and Mammone against ALL of The Influence. From the back came Puppet Jay Delta, and with Mammone paying attention to the back, the real Jay Delta came from the crowd.

The three on two would continue, and it would only be a matter of time before the numbers would become too much to overcome.

Enter: Stockade.

With the Influence staring Stockade down outside the ring, it would be Coach Mammone once again using Mister Tibbs’ stunner to pick up the win.


After the match, the Influence retreated while Mammone, Gibki, and Stockade stood tall in the ring, setting up what could only be a future showdown against The Influence.

What will happen next when Victory Pro Wrestling returns to Centereach for Fans Choice ’19 on Saturday June 8?


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