September 26, 2021
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Fighter Cat: Gold Rush Rumble winner can face any champion he wants

A new day started that Saturday morning in September before the Gold Rush Rumble.  A humble Fighter Cat started his day the same he had every day until then: hungry.  His desire to make a name for himself in Victory Pro Wrestling would finally pay off as later that night, he would become the 2015 Gold Rush Rumble winner.

As Autumn Uproar approaches, the question everyone is asking is, “Who will Fighter Cat challenge for?”

He could go straight to the top of the mountain and challenge Kai Katana for the VPW Championship.  A bold move, but would it be the right choice?

VsK is the current New York State champion. Perhaps Fighter Cat could challenge for that title, though VsK is one of Victory Pro Wrestling’s top stars.

A chance to be VPW tag team champion may be Fighter Cat’s best chance, but who would he team with to take on The Down Boyz, who had dominated the VPW Tag Team Division since they invaded at Blood Sweat and Eight Years?

Fighter Cat had these words after his victory at the Gold Rush Rumble.