January 24, 2022
“I never got my rematch….” Mister Tibbs to challenge VPW Champion Johnny Collins at Before the Storm Feb 19 Tickets on sale now for VPW 149: Before the Storm in February ICYMI: New champion crowned; Andre’s Absolute Betrayal; Tibbs talks titles; and the Coach/Collins finale. Results from VPW 148: Devastation Eric James defends the New York State Championship against VPW newcomer Dante Drago at Devastation 12/18

ICYMI: Results from VPW 144: The Gold Rush Rumble

VSK started the show by announcing that he was in Victory Pro Wrestling’s Gold Rush Rumble, that he won the match twice before, and that it’s been a couple of years since he’s been a champion in VPW so he wanted a shot at the top prize and wanted to know who he would have to talk to for that to happen.

The Dimepiece Aaron Rourke came to the ring and berated the former VPW champion, talking about how nobody wanted to hear him whine and talk and that said if he wanted a shot, he’d have to go through the Dimepiece.

VSK called for someone to make that official, so James M Sullivan, the Assistant to the VPW Commissioner Kevin Fulton, came to the ring to make things official. If VSK beats Aaron Rourke, then he would be in the Gold Rush Rumble later on the show.

VSK vs Aaron Rourke

  • Aaron Rourke did his best to hold down the former champion
  • VSK countered the Dimepiece at every corner
  • Rourke almost ended VSK’s chances of entering the Gold Rush Rumble, but in the end, VSK picked up the win.

VPW WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP: Karen Bam Bam open invitational

Before the match, manager Silk E Smooth talked about how there was nobody in VPW capable of taking on Karen, and nobody would be here to take the champ on.

But that was not the case, as Valentina Vasquez made her VPW debut to take on the champ.

  • The champion showed dominance early on, but Vasquez was not going down without a fight
  • While there was signs of hope, Karen was able to squash the dreams of the debuting Valentina

Insane Rockerz (Mike Anthony/Karlo Vice) vs Shook Crew (Bryce Donovan/Bobby Orlando)
– Winners to face the Absolute Brand for the VPW Tag Team Championships

  • Bobby Orlando and Karlo Vice started the match off with a test of strength and somehow Bobby Jr was able to pick up momentum.
  • The Insane Rockerz were able to work together as a team, but the experience of the Shook Crew as a tag team unit showed
  • Using Bobby Jr as a distraction, The Insane Rockerz were able to mount a comeback and dominate Orlando.
  • Donovan was finally tagged in, and Shook Crew was able to advance to challenge for the VPW Tag Team Championships

“Lady Killer” Percy Ryan vs Da Big Boofa Dezmond Cole

  • Ryan and Cole have known each other since before they started training to be wrestlers. At Homecoming, these two teamed up, but Ryan deserted Cole leaving him to lose the match.
  • Things started off hot for Cole as he controlled the Lady Killer in and out of the ring, but Ryan was able to capitalize on a mistake to take control
  • Outside the ring, Ryan unleashed some punishment. Inside, he slowed the pace down and stretched his former best friend
  • Cole started to come back, but Ryan was able to steal the win

– Champion Eric James vs Ryan Galeone

  • The tension in the air as Galeone made the fans wait for him to make his way to the ring was intense. This would not intimidate the 13-year veteran
  • The action was fast and hard as both men did not hold back. However, it would be the challenger’s size and strength that would win early on.
  • The resiliency of the champion would finally pay off after Galeone would continue to block his efforts

After the match, Galeone would attack the champion, set up a couple of chairs in opposite corners, and then drill James head first into one, then the other corner, before breaking a steel chair over the back of Eric James. The final act would be Galeone dropping James head first into the steel chair. He then grabbed the New York State Championship as referees tended to James.

The rules:

  • Two competitors start the match
  • After 60 seconds, a new competitor enters the match until all 20 competitors have entered the ring
  • Competitors are eliminated after they go over the top rope and both feet touch the ground
  • The last competitor standing is the Gold Rush Rumble winner and will face the Victory Pro Wrestling champion at a later date

Starting the match off would be Bobby Orlando at #1, and the debuting Lex Gunz from The Cult at #2. Bobby Orlando would start off in control.

Drawing #3 would be Lucas Ladjo, also representing The Cult and making his debut. Together, Gunz and Ladjo would double team Orlando.

At #4 was Johnny “Pretty Boy” Collins, who took his time getting his jacket off before finally siding up with Bobby Orlando to represent VPW… except he joined the Cult and triple teamed Orlando.

Another debut for VPW at #5, Dr Cool Jay Klang with his Encyclopedia of Cool, which he used as a weapon to get an advantage, but eventually it would be the Cult and Collins with the advantage.

The third member of the Cult Nicholi White drew #6 and things went south fast as the Cult earned the first elimination of the night, tossing Klang over the top rope. Collins went to celebrate with the Cult, but that backfired as the Cult triple teamed the Pretty Boy.

Bobby Orlando would be alone no more as Shook Crew teammate Bryce Donovan came in at #7. He went after the Cult and then tossed out Lucas Ladjo earning his first elimination of the night.

“The Lady Killer” Percy Ryan would come in at #8, and Shook Crew would be at a 4 on 2 disadvantage.

That would change with #9 – Giant Andre entered the Gold Rush Rumble and really cleaned up, taking control of the match and then eliminating both Nicholi White and Lex Guns, picking up two eliminations at once and eliminating the Cult from VPW.

Even Stevens Stephen Azure would come in at #10, going right after Shook Crew until he met up with Andre.

At #11, it was Karlo Vice who also went after everyone until HE met up with Andre and was given a dose of reality.

Kaide Lothbrok came in at #12, but he did not come alone. Beaux Sullivan joined him at ringside. Inside the ring, the former Stockade took down Shook Crew before stepping up face to face with Andre, reminiscent to his debut in VPW when Andre stepped up to him. Everyone then teamed up to try and eliminate Andre, and as he cleared house, Percy Ryan eliminated himself, knowing his fate was sealed. Shortly after he left the ring, Kaide speared Andre and the big man was eliminated.

Mike Anthony drew unlucky #13 to enter the rumble. Teaming up with his partner Karlo Vice, they eliminated Bobby Orlando. Donovan fired up, went after the Insane Rockerz, but was caught with a spear from Kaide. Johnny Collins took advantage of this and eliminated Donovan.

Earlier in the night, VSK wanted to enter the Gold Rush Rumble, and after beating Aaron Rourke, VSK drew #14 to do so. The VPW grand slam champion whipped almost everyone into a corner before his first encounter with Lothbrok.

The man VSK beat drew #15. Aaron Rourke came in and started wearing down VSK as payback from earlier.

The Cutthroat Adam Cane drew #16 and made his debut in VPW with a strong showing.

Coming in at #17 was Da Big Boofa Dezmond Cole. Cole came in hot and just started clearing house before eliminating Mike Anthony, then Karlo Vice.

At #18 was the first officially announced woman in the history of the Gold Rush Rumble The Red Right Hand Megan Mason, who was on fire from the second she left the locker room. Mason targeted Adam Cain and was able to send him backing.

Francis Kip Stevens came in at #19 and the final entrant at #20 was Mister Tibbs. Tibbs took down anyone in his path. He met up with Megan Mason, but she was able to overcome him. Mason then met with Kaide, and while the big man tried to take advantage, she was able to slip out of a slam and reposition herself into her Facebreaker.

Karen Bam Bam’s manager Silk E Smooth came back to the ring and taunted Mason. She was focusing too much on him and not on the waiting Mister Tibbs who knocked her silly with a super kick before throwing her over the top rope.

Francis Kip Stevens would eventually eliminate Aaron Rourke, earning his first elimination of the night. It would also be his last as he would be eliminated by Collins and Azure.

Azure was then eliminated by Dezmond Cole, earning him his third elimination of the evening. Cole would then be staring into the eyes of hell as he confronted Kaide. Lothbrok threw Cole over the top rope, but Da Big Boofa would hang on and land on the apron. He would set up to springboard back into the ring but Kaide’s insurance policy outside the ring Beaux Sullivan caught him and then threw him to the ground, effectively eliminating Cole from the match. This also lead to the officials throwing Sullivan out.

This brought us down to four: VSK, Mister Tibbs, Kaide Lothbrok, and Johnny Collins. VSK won the Gold Rush Rumble twice before. Mister Tibbs has been in all but one Gold Rush Rumble since it’s inception in 2009 and has one victory. Their combined experience in the match gave them a clear advantage, but Kaide Lothbrok has participated in several deathmatch tournaments in his 15-year career. The one with the least experience in this level of competition was Johnny Collins.

The carnage outside as VSK celebrates inside

Everyone tried to throw everyone else out the ring to get the edge, but it would be Johnny Collins eliminating Mister Tibbs to bring it down to three. Collins would then somehow eliminate Kaide Lothbrok, who was heated up and knocked out all three referees. James M Sullivan, the Assistant to the VPW Commissioner Kevin Fulton, came to the ring to try to restore order but was sent threw a barricade for his troubles before Lothbrok finally went to the back.

Meanwhile VSK eliminated Johnny Collins and was the last man standing, except the officials were still laid out on the other side of the ring. VSK went to celebrate and the fans rejoiced, but Collins slipped back in the ring, grabbed VSK and threw him over the top in front of the referees, leaving the Pretty Boy in the ring standing tall.


The Gold Rush Rumble event had several controversies, starting with Ryan Galeone stealing the VPW New York State Championship and ending with Johnny Collins stealing the Gold Rush Rumble itself.

What will happen with Victory Pro Wrestling returns to the Sports Arena in St James?

Shook Crew to meet The Absolute Brand

VSK meets Kaide Lothbrok
for the first time ever!!!

2021 Gold Rush Rumble winner Johnny Collins addresses the fans

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