January 22, 2022
“I never got my rematch….” Mister Tibbs to challenge VPW Champion Johnny Collins at Before the Storm Feb 19 Tickets on sale now for VPW 149: Before the Storm in February ICYMI: New champion crowned; Andre’s Absolute Betrayal; Tibbs talks titles; and the Coach/Collins finale. Results from VPW 148: Devastation Eric James defends the New York State Championship against VPW newcomer Dante Drago at Devastation 12/18

ICYMI: Results from VPW 145: Never Forget

Before the show started, Victory Pro Wrestling took a moment to remember the tragic 9/11 attacks twenty years earlier with the entire roster flanked at the stage area and the playing of the National Anthem followed by a ten-bell salute.

To start the show, Pretty Likeable – 2021 Gold Rush Rumble winner Johnny “Pretty Boy” Collins and the Even Stevens – marched to the ring, with Collins to announce which championship he would challenge.

He talked about possibly challenging for the VPW New York State championship, maybe reclaiming the VPW Tag Team Championship, and even possibly challenging Karen BamBam for the VPW Women’s Championship.

But then he focused on Coach Mammone, the current and reigning VPW Champion. His lashing at the champion lured Mammone to the ring, knowing full well he was going into the lion’s den against all three members of Pretty Likeable, but he stood face to face with Collins and said he’d put the title on the line right there and then.

The Even Stevens then attacked the champion from behind, holding him back as Collins grabbed the Victory Pro Wrestling championship. Before he could strike, The Vestler Jack Tomlinson stormed the ring with a steel chair, chasing off Collins and crew.

The Assistant to the Victory Pro Wrestling Commissioner James M. Sullivan approached the ring and decided that tonight, in the main event, it would be Jack Tomlinson and Coach Mammone against all three members of Pretty Likeable in a handicap match!

Insane Rockerz (Karlo Vice & Mike Anthony)
vs Adam Cain and Brother Greatness

  • Brother Greatness would make his VPW debut, teaming with Adam Cain who debuts at the Gold Rush Rumble
  • Despite shenanigans to start the match, Cain and Greatness were able to start off strong.
  • The experience of the Rockerz gave them a chance to control the match
  • Referee John Ryan was distracted as both Greatness, then Karlo Vice, almost knocked him out. That gave Mike Anthony a chance to knock out Greatness with some kind of foreign object.
  • WINNERS: Insane Rockerz

“Lady Killer” Percy Ryan vs Francis Kip Stevens (w/ Phillip Cardigan)

  • Stevens started the match with a ball of fire both inside and out.
  • Ryan was was able to mount a strong offense, taunting the “One Tough Nerd”
  • With Stevens looking to come back for the victory, Ryan ran around the ring, then to the back, claiming he was done
  • WINNER: Francis Kip Stevens via count out

“The A Game” Joseph Alexander
vs Dante Drago
vs Da Big Boofa Dezmond Cole

  • Both Joseph Alexander and Dante Drago make their VPW debuts against the rising star of Dezmond Cole
  • Drago was able to show his strength with incredible power moves, but still move in the ring to control the action
  • Alexander, knowing Drago and Cole were there to start a party, tried to stop the party with some power of his own, throwing Cole around
  • Cole was able to take control and show offense with the crowd behind him, before finishing off Alexander with a hesitated power bomb
  • WINNER: Dezmond Cole

Ryan Galeone vs Phillip Cardigan (w/ Francis Kip Stevens)

  • Before the match, Galeone demanded guest ring announcer Dashing D Thousand to be called the “true” New York State Champion, despite not actually winning the championship
  • Cardigan tried mounting an offense against Galeone, but with every move he tried, Galeone was just getting more frustrated.
  • There was a moment where you could tell Cardigan made one bad move, a slap to Galeone. From there, he stopped playing around and started decimating Cardigan.
  • Cardigan came back, showing signs of victory, even hitting his cutter. But Galeone was just too much for him, who connected with his springboard clothesline and finished Cardigan off with an inverted suplex.

After the match, Francis Kip Stevens checked on his partner. Galeone destroyed Stevens before dragging the ill-gotten championship belt to the back.

Shook Crew (Bryce Donovan and Bobby Orlando)
vs Champions The Absolute Brand (Alvin Alvarez and Giant Andre) w/ Silk E Smooth

  • Shook Crew earned the right to challenge for the championships after defeating Insane Rockerz at the Gold Rush Rumble
  • The champs started off strong but Bobby Orlando was able to take control for the challengers.
  • The power and strength of Andre and Alvarez along with quick tags gave them back control.
  • In a flurry at the end of the match, Silk E Smooth hit Bobby Orlando with his cane. This lead to Alvarez rolling him up for the win.
  • WINNERS: The Absolute Brand

After the match, Giant Andre confronted manager Silk E Smooth, with Alvin trying to maintain order. The big man then left his partner and manager and walked to the back on his own.

KAIDE LOTHBROK (w/ Beau Sullivan) vs VSK

  • The top two stars on Long Island for over the last decade met for the first time ever in singles competition.
  • Things started off well for the 3-time VPW Champion, until Kaide went up and over VSK and landed awkwardly, possibly twisting his knee. The doctor came to check out Lothbrok, but it was a ruse to lower the guard of VSK.
  • Lothbrok continued to wear down VSK through the rest of the match.
  • VSK came back with a series of super kicks. As he went to the cover, Beau jumped on the apron to distract the official. He ate a superkick for his troubles. With the referee still distracted, Lothbrok kicked VSK below the belt and followed it up with a spear for the win.


Before the match, Silk once again announced that nobody was worthy to challenge Karen for the championship before Vanessa Jordan would come to the ring to accept the challenge

  • Vanessa Jordan would make her VPW debut. Karen and Silk both laughed at her entrance, but this would be a mistake.
  • Jordan packed a bit of power in her punch, giving Karen a run for her money up front until Jordan ate a clothesline from the champion.
  • Try as she might, the challenger was outpowered by Karen, who overwhelmed Jordan.
  • WINNER: Karen Bam Bam via submission

After the match, she continued to work on Vanessa until Megan Mason stormed the ring. The champion and her manager started to walk to the back when Mason challenged Karen and demanded her title opportunity now.

Assistant to the General Manager James M. Sullivan came to the ring and tried to talk Megan to the back, even toying with the idea of talking about the possibility of a championship match for her down the line. Mason was not having that, as she attacked Sullivan and left him in the ring after her Facebreaker finish.

Pretty Likeable (Johnny Collins & The Even Stevens)
vs The Vestler Jack Tomlinson and VPW Champion Coach Mammone

  • The numbers game played a factor early on until it didn’t. Tomlinson and Mammone expected the problems and quickly neutralized Stephen Azure and Collins. Quick tags kept Steve Somerset at bay.
  • With Tomlinson about to springboard from the outside, Collins yanked him down. This gave Pretty Likeable the advantage again as they started picking apart Tomlinson.
  • Finally Tomlinson tagged in the VPW Champion who cleaned house. But the temptation outside the ring to go after Collins was what almost did him in as Pretty Likeable were able to take over again.
  • A miscue from the Even Stevens opened the door for Mammone to pick up the win.
  • WINNERS: Jack Tomlinson and Coach Mammone

After the match, the fans in attendance started chanting “USA” to close out the show.

What will happen when Victory Pro Wrestling returns to St. James for VPW 146: Showdown in St. James?