September 23, 2021
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RESULTS: April 11th,2009 – “The Enemy of my Enemy”

‘Firebird’ Jorge Santi d. ‘The Answer’ Pete Simmons
After the match, Sabotage came out and attacked Santi. Then both members of Best Bodies, Inc. continued to beat on Santi.

Richie Tyler d. ‘The Good Guy’ Azrieal
Tyler went for his trademark, but Azrieal ducked and attempted a suplex. Tyler then reversed it into a small package.

Roxxi d. Dani DT
Roxxi won with the Voodoo Drop. After the match, Roxxi showed her approval of Dani DT.

The Jerry Fitzwater Show
Fitzwater’s scheduled guests were going to be Mack Daddy Flexx and Joe So Delicious, but Joe let everyone know that his new found ally, Flexx was injured and unable to be there. Delicious then has an arm wrestling match with Fitzwater. All of Best Bodies, Inc. came out to interrupt Fitzwater.

One of Static’s friends from the gym was with them and had an arm wrestling match with Delicious. Best Bodies, Inc. then attacked Joe So Delicious, but he was able to fend them off and clear the ring.

Sabotage then came back out by himself to rant, but was interrupted by Heidenreich who cames out and gave the loud-mouthed New York Champion a big boot.

VSK d. Minyon
VSK won with his neck breaker/back breaker combo.

Xavier d. ‘The Miracle’ Javi-Air
Xavier won via submission.

VPW Tag Team Championship
‘The Resurrection of Tag Team Wrestling’ Eclipse d. Funky Fresh Boyz
Eclipse retained the gold with the Total Eclipse.

Johnny ‘Muscles’ Marinara w/ Vinny the Guido d. ‘Suburban Bad Boy”’ Joey Everlast
E.J. Risk came out during the match with a chair and ticket in hand and sat down in the front row. Muscles was on the outside, Guido distracted the ref. E.J. Risk jumped into the ring and superkicked Everlast. Muscles then kicked Risk out of the ring and pinned Everlast.

‘Best Body in the Business – So the Ladies Say’ Jason Static & ‘Masculine Marvel’ Sabotage d. ‘Ultra Sexy’ Joe So Delicious
The VPW Champion and VPW New York Champion defeated Joe So Delicious in what ended up being a handicapped match due to Mack Daddy Flexx being injured. At one point in the match, Static grabbed the New York State title to strike Joe with, but the ref took it away. Then Static was thrown the VPW Championship while Joe and the ref are distracted by Sabotage in the corner. Joe turns around, ducks the belt, and Static accidentally hit Sabotage instead. Joe went for a quick roll-up but only got a 2-count. Static eventually got the win for his team courtesy of his Long Kiss Goodnight submission crossface.

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