Full results are in from “Caged Chaos” in Deer Park!

The show started off with a bang for VPW’s return to Deer Park, the first show since May of this year, with an action packed match featuring Dr. Lamar Braxton Porter and “Firebird” Jorge Santi.

Dr. Lamar Braxton Porter def. “Firebird” Jorge Santi (w/ Mikey Old School)
The fans were behind the “Firebird” in the show’s opening contest, but the good doctor was not so good to Santi, who put up a great fight but was unable to overcome the size and power of Porter.

The Jerry Fitzwater Show
After trying to sing along with birthday boy Domenic, Jerry Fitzwater brought out his guest, 2012 Gold Rush Rumble winner “K-Fresh” Kevin Fulton.  He talked about how he was the first to go from coast to coast, the longest in the rumble, but before he could continue, former best friend and current VPW Champion Kevin “MISTER” Tibbs came down to the ring, introducing his newest acquisition, his administrative assistant Jacob Hendrix, and then calling the New York State Champion an embarrassment to all champions.

Out of the crowd, a fan jumped the rail and attacked Fulton, only to reveal that this “fan” was really Jason Static.  Tibbs told the fans that Static is the perfect example of a champion.  Fulton then said that he was going to postpone his match for the VPW Championship and take on Jason Static in the ring, even putting the New York State title on the line!

Amazing Red def. Xander Page
With all his size and strength, the ConfluxXx enforcer was unable to stop the fast moving, high flying Red from kicking, punching, and running down Page to take the win.

Risky Business
EJ Risk came out with his tag team partner Ricky Reyes for the next edition of “Risky Business.”  EJ’s guest?

Ricky Reyes!

Every time he asked the Cuban Crippler a question, the fans would boo and jeer, drowning out his answers.  Finally, Da Hou$e Party came down to the ring and challenged the tag team champions to a match, for the titles, right there and then.

EJ and Ricky discussed this, and then said no.  When Cooley-K and K-MC turned their backs, the champs attacked and the ref called for the bell.

VPW Tag Team Championship
Ricky Reyes/EJ Risk def. Da Hou$e Party (w/ Da Boombox)
This match went back and forth, and several times there were times the titles were close to changing hands, but underhanded tactics prevailed, and ConfluxXx stole a win to keep the belts in their possession.

After the match, Cooley-K demanded a rematch, which will happen at the October 6 show in Centereach!

Four Corner Elimination Match
Zombie def. Razzle Dazzle, Brian XL, and Flames
Flames didn’t seem to have a lot of energy in this match as he was the first to be eliminated when Brian XL pinned him, despite trying to work with Razzle Dazzle to take out the Man of Faith.  Zombie tried to make friends with XL, but XL understood that he’s not in VPW to make friends, that he’s there to win matches, so he tried to take Zombie down.  Razzle Dazzle tried to run interference, but Zombie was too powerful, overcoming both XL and Razzle, pinning them both within a minute’s time.

VPW New York State Championship
“K-Fresh” Kevin Fulton def. Jason Static (w/ Kevin “MISTER” Tibbs and Jacob Hendrix) 
Before the match started, Mr. Tibbs’ new administrative assistant Jacob Hendrix tried to occupy the show’s birthday party.

The match started off with the former VPW Champion dominating the current New York State Champion, but Fulton was able to hold his own against Static.  Battling against the odds, Fulton showed everyone that this was his time to shine, picking up the win.

Steel Cage Match
VsK def. Kai Katana
To win this match, the winner must pin his opponent, make him submit, or escape the cage by climbing over the top or walking out the door, with both feet hitting the floor.

First was Kai Katana, uncharacteristically walking around the cage, almost satisfied with the torture he was about to inflict.  Then came VsK, climbing the cage to show the fans he was ready for this.

Once the bell started, the two charged each other like raging bulls.  They went back and forth, beating on each other until signs that VsK was running out of gas were showing.  Katana took advantage and beat his adversary, until VsK gained his second win and fought with a fury fans have rarely seen from him.

Katana was able to get the upper hand, but cost himself the match when he went for his finishing move, the flying moonsault.  Second guessing, instead of going from the top of the ropes, Katana decided to fly from the top of the cage.  With his pants caught on the top of the cage, that gave VsK just enough time to gain his wits.  Katana flew, and VsK barely escaped the collision.

A super kick later and VsK was triumphant over Katana.  After the match, the hundreds in attendance cheered on VsK as he shared his exhaustion and excitement with the fans.

Victory Pro Wrestling
VPW Tag Team Championship: Reyes/Risk v Da Hou$e Party
Saturday night, October 6, 2012
VFW Post 4927
Centereach, NY


Victory Pro Wrestling has a rich history of professional wrestling on Long Island, performing in St. James, Centereach, Deer Park, Babylon, North Babylon, Islip, Sachem, and Hofstra University. Since 2005, Victory Pro Wrestling raised thousands of dollars in fundraisers for our communities.