January 18, 2022
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Fulton goes under the knife; thanks ConfluxXx for support

Kevin Fulton carted away by the NEW Super Best Friends! and Mikey Old School
The last we’ve seen of “K-Fresh” – November 2013

The last time we saw “K-Fresh” Kevin Fulton in the ring, he teamed up with the NEW Super Best Friends against the Church of Tibbs.  That night in November, fate intervened in the form of a wooden guitar smashed against his knee, tearing his ACL and taking him out of competition.

Today, Fulton is “K-Fresh” no more, as his recent actions against EJ Risk at Blood Sweat & 8 Years and his alignment with ConfluxXx has given him a new lease on life.

That lease seems to extend outside of the ring.

Kevin Fulton's knee one week after surgery
Kevin Fulton’s knee one week after surgery

Recently, Fulton finally had the surgery for his torn ACL.  There to support him along the way was Ricky Reyes and Jay Delta, his new partners in ConfluxXx.

“When I got hurt, I took a good look around and saw who should be there for me verses who WILL be there for me,” Fulton explains.

“When Reyes opened my eyes I saw my future go from uncertain to undeniable.”

He called Risk a friend, but at Blood Sweat & 8 Years, he asked where his friends were when he needed them.  Fulton referred to ConfluxXx as family as the three attacked Risk in Deer Park.

After two weeks, Fulton’s doctors are excited that his recovery is going well.  In fact, Fulton said, the doctors tell him he’s two weeks ahead of schedule.

Fulton’s reasoning for his medical successes: “We are ConfluxXx and we are better than you.”