July 31, 2021
Fallout from Homecoming: Ryan Galeone to challenge Eric James for the New York State Championship at the Gold Rush Rumble August 14 What is the Gold Rush Rumble? Tickets on sale now for the Gold Rush Rumble Saturday August 14

VPW King of New York

Stockade (2020)

The first round of the 2020 King of New York tournament saw Stockade advance after defeating Karlo Vice. Also advancing was Lance Anderson, Eric James, and Jay Delta.

In the second round, Stockade defeated Eric James. Jay Delta defeated Lance Anderson to advance, setting the stage for Stockade and Jay Delta in the finals.

However, due to an injury, Jay Delta was not medically cleared to fight Stockade, so Lance Anderson was given a second chance. The Influence attacked Lance Anderson on the way to the ring, and VPW Commissioner Kevin Fulton declared Mister Tibbs to be Jay Delta’s replacement.

Stockade then made quick work of Mister Tibbs to become the sixth King of New York.

King of New YorkYear WonDefeatedNotes
Stockade2020Mister TibbsJay Delta was injured in the second round of the tournament. Mister Tibbs was named as his replacement in the finals.
Jay Delta2019Coach Mammone3x
Kyler Khan2018Grammar Cop2x
(previously as Kai Katana)
Dorian Graves2017VSK
Eric James2016Jay Delta3x
(Defeated Jay Delta in a Ladder Match at VPW Fan’s Choice)
Jay Delta2016Kai Katana2x
Kai Katana2015Ahtu
Kevin Tibbs2014Amazing Red
Jay Delta2013EJ Risk
EJ Risk2012Kevin Tibbs2x
EJ Risk2011K-Funk

Current Champions

ChampionshipCurrent ChampionDate WonTotal Defenses
VPW ChampionshipCoach Mammone11/23/20193
VPW New York State ChampionshipEric James4/13/20194
VPW Tag Team ChampionshipThe Absolute Brand1/11/20203
VPW Women’s ChampionshipKaren BamBam1/11/20201
[CDC guidelines as a result of COVID-19 shut down all sports in New York March 2020 to June 2021.]

Tournament Champions

King of New YorkStockade2/22/2020
Gold Rush RumbleCoach Mammone8/17/2019
Queen of New YorkJayel Cotto5/11/2019