This special event put key matches into the hands of the people. The Fans were asked to vote on match opponents and stipulations for the night. What we ended up with was the wildest and craziest VPW event ever!

Four Corner Elimination Match
‘Cuban Crippler’ Ricky Reyes d. Johnny ‘Muscles’ Marinara, Nick Saint w/ Mikey Old School & Flames
The returning Ricky Reyes was able to successfully pin and eliminate all three opponents. Muscles was the first man taken out. He was followed by O.S.U. representative Nick Saint. Flames was the last one to fall. Following the match, Reyes told the fans that while he may have been brought to VPW by Mack Daddy Flexx, he wants the belt. Reyes said that when it comes down to it, business is business.

Zombie w/ Tough Tommy d. E.J. Risk
The Zombie defeated E.J. Risk in their third straight encounter in Centereach. Zombie had the first victory and Risk swindled his way to the second victory. Before the match started, Risk told the VPW fans that he already proved himself against the Zombie, but if he had to beat him again, he would. Risk ended up eating his own words and came close to having the Zombie eat his brains.

Boriqua Posse (Juan Jeremy & Reggaedones) d. ‘The Death Angel’ Angelus Valkin & Draven w/ Black Rose
The fans had no favorites in this hard-hitting match, but seemed to side more with the Boriqua Posse.

Minyon d. Chris Forza w/ Mikey Old School
Mikey Old School’s latest member of Old School Unlimited fell short in his VPW debut against the sinister Minyon.

The Jerry Fitzwater Show
Fitzwater sang his way to the ring for an episode that nearly caused him to twice have an accident in his pants. First, he brought out his guests, Eclipse.Xander Page and Delta were waiting for Fitzwater to reveal which team won the vote to face the Funky Fresh Boyz for the VPW Tag Team Championship.

As per a previous stipulation, Eclipse is not allowed any rematches with the Funky Fresh Boyz. If they were voted in by the fans, then that stipulation would be waived for the night. Of course, Eclipse are not at all popular with the VPW fans so that seemed unlikely. In some fishy business, Xander Page heavily intimidated Fitzwater who fearfully announced that the VPW fans had voted Eclipse into the match. Fitzwater looked scared to death, but Eclipse exited the ring once the announcement was made.

Fitzwater’s scares were not over as the VPW ring announcer entered the ring with a referee just as Eclipse left. It seems that the VPW fans had voted for Jerry Fitzwater to be someone’s opponent, but nobody had informed Fitzwater. The ring announcer shared Fitzwater’s fate with him and it ended up being Joe So Delicious.

Fitzwater begged for his life, but was spared by the interruption of German Nationalist, Josef Von Schmidt. Within minutes, Delicious forgot about Fitzwater and ended up in an impromptu heated match with Von Schmidt.

‘Ultra Sexy’ Joe So Delicious d. Josef Von Schmidt
Delicious pinned Von Schmidt, but Von Schmidt didn’t let things end there. Delicious soon found himself laid out in the ring face down. To seal the deal, Von Schmidt blew snot on his fallen foe.

VPW Tag Team Championship
Double Strap Match
Funky Fresh Boyz w/ Ms. Terri d. ‘The Resurrection of Tag Team Wrestling’ Eclipse (Xander Page & Jay Delta)
This was the first title match and stipulation voted on by the VPW fans. It’s debatable how the former two time VPW Tag Team Champions ended up in this match, but it didn’t matter since the Funky Fresh Boyz continued their tag team supremacy in a crazy double strap match. This match saw four men exit the match with whipping marks all over from hard lashes. The way to win was to have one member of a team touch all four ring corners while strapped to a member of the other team. It was close, but K-Funk’s speed helped his team to victory.

Mike Magnum & Traci Brooks Segment
One half of The Main Men, Mike Magnum came down to ringside with the original TNA Knockout, Traci Brooks to make a proclamation. Magnum said that he realized that the fans of VPW needed a hero and that he was to be that hero. The fans weren’t fond of Magnum’s statement. Brooks teased the crowd, asking if they wanted some TNA. They cheered on, but she said that TNA can be found Thursday nights on Spike and that the fans were perverted for thinking otherwise.

VPW New York Championship
Ladder Match
VSK d. ‘The Well Mannered Marvel’ Sabotage w/ Pete Simmons
Next was another match that was made possible by the fans. This was the first ever ladder match in VPW and it has already gone down as arguably the greatest match in VPW history. Sabotage’s goal was to regain the VPW New York Championship from the man who recently defeated him for it, VSK. Both men have been going at it for months and each match pushed the envelope a little further. Neither expected how much the envelope would be pushed on November 14, 2009 and neither man will likely be the same again.

Early on, fellow member of The Gentleman’s Club, Pete Simmons, assaulted VSK. Both VPW officials at ringside ordered Simmons to return to the back for the remainder of the match. There’s a lot that could be said about this encounter, but it really must be seen to do it justice.

Mixed Tag Team Match
Mike Magnum & Traci Brooks d. El Sandwich & Dani DT w/ Tina San Antonio
When Dani and Tina came out without a male partner, Magnum inquired about Richie Tyler’s whereabouts. Magnum said that he was next to a lady, but all he saw across from him were two little girls. Dani DT took offense to that comment and revealed that while Tyler could not make it to the building, she found another partner, El Sandwich. Despite Sandwich cracking Magnum in the head with a large American hero, it was not enough to defeat his brash opponents.

VPW Championship
Lumberjack Match
Mack Daddy Flexx d. ‘The Perfect Gentleman’ Jason Static w/ ‘Ultra Tough’ Doug So Delicious, Sweet Pea & Pete Simmons
In the main event of the evening, we saw yet another first for VPW, a lumberjack match. Before the match, Static introduced his new valet, Sweet Pea. The entire VPW roster made of friends and foes surrounded ringside for this wild one. Static and Flexx had as many allies at ringside as they did enemies, which led to them getting pummeled each time they ended up outside of the ring.  Static came close to regaining the VPW Championship several times, but Flexx was able to overcome his devious tactics and retain his title.

After the match was over, Ricky Reyes got in Flexx’ face and while Flexx did try to calm Reyes down, it didn’t work. The second Flexx turned his back, Reyes attacked him from behind. Within a minute, all of the lumberjacks jumped in the ring and a wild brawl ensued.

The VPW fan favorites drove off their rivals and celebrated in the ring. Josef Von Schmidt lingered at ringside and wanted to go at it with Joe So Delicious. Delicious invited him in the ring, but Von Schmidt bailed. It looks like their problems are a long way from being over.


Victory Pro Wrestling has a rich history of professional wrestling on Long Island, performing in St. James, Centereach, Deer Park, Babylon, North Babylon, Islip, Sachem, and Hofstra University. Since 2005, Victory Pro Wrestling raised thousands of dollars in fundraisers for our communities.